Andrew Proctor is an artist and writer living in Brooklyn specializing in avant-garde, experimental, and surrealist works. 
He graduated Seton Hall University in 2019 with a BA in Broadcasting and Visual Media and while there, worked on dozens of projects and short films and had every roll from director to crafty. He also interned at CNBC for 8 months in their Long Form Unit and Edit Department, helping create hour-long specials with Marcus Lemonis and assisting the editor for CNBC's "Staten Island Hustle."
He's written and directed six short films, three of which are avant-garde. One of those, his most recent, "Crumbs," premiered at the Big Picture Festival in Peoria, Illinois in November 2019 and was a semi-finalist at the LA Cinefest Festival in Los Angeles. It will also show at the SOMA Film Festival in 2020.
Other than short films, he's also a screenwriter, having written one completed screenplay, "Plato's Cave," and is working on two others. "Plato's Cave" went on to win the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2019 and be a Quarter-Finalist in ScreenCraft's Drama Screenplay Competition in 2018.
He's worked as a freelance film assistant director and recently AD's on two NYU undergraduate short films and a third independent short film. He also recently was a production intern and 2nd AD on Nadja Marcin's experimental first feature film, "Pocahontas Returns." 
As a PA, he's worked on numerous short film sets and has begun to branch out into commercial work with his involvement in Happy Place's commercial for Kinder in December 2019. 
Most recently, he became a volunteer Graphics and Editing Assistant for Women in Film and Video New England. He will begin attending the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Brooklyn College in the fall of 2020 to pursue an MFA in Post-Production.
He currently resides in Brooklyn with no dog, no wife, and no kids.

Awards and Recognition
"Plato's Cave" 
Cannes International Screenplay Contest - Grand Jury Prize 2019
ScreenCrafts Drama Screenplay Competition - Quarter-finalist 2018
Film Festivals
SOMA Film Festival 2020
Big Picture Film Festival 2019
Semi-Finalist to be Selected at the LA CineFest 2019
"The Throne"
Soma Film Festival 2019